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Wise words on planning a marketing campaign

“Before you start any marketing campaign, think what is it that makes your business, product or service special? Why should somebody engage with you instead of somebody else? This is your USP and should be the focus of your marketing campaign.” http://buff.ly/2k9EBY7

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Twitter Video Marketing HOW TO

Do you want to use more video in your Twitter marketing? Wondering how each type of Twitter video works? Twitter Video: How to Create Engaging Video Content, via Social Media Examiner – http://buff.ly/2tAqmv9

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34 Digital Tools To Grow Your Business

34 Digital Tools and Services IM Rebels Use To Grow Their Businesshttp://buff.ly/2tFkXmx

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social media

Years ago social media did not exist. Today the Internet landscape tells a different story about social media! What used to be just fun, now is big business! 10 insights for carving a successful career in social media! >> http://buff.ly/2gMkPR0 You shall no longer dream of becoming a social media manager, you’ll be one!